Is it hard for us as developers in NetSuite to keep our mental state while working with SuiteScript, at the least, stable? Yes.

It has bad documentation, code examples are broken, and what is even worst, SuiteScript 2.x has some bugs that make eevee get mad.

I’ve been in situations in which I finish an script, only to find out that I’ll have to rewrite it as 1.x because Inventory Adjustments won’t care if you add Inventory Detail.

But even with those bugs that will eventually get fixed, SuiteScript has been awesome, it forces you to have a better structure in your code.

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As I am reading ways to generate content, lectures about content strategy, personal branding, summer 2016 anime season, journalism, MEAN development and Agile project management, an epiphany came to me.

My excuse for not creating this blog for the past years was the feeling that my knowledge/experience wasn’t good enough to get out to the world and I should consume more content in order to spit at least one good post.

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Or at least, that’s what I think when I get across a bad ERP implementation that is generating more costs and operation problems than it should have solved.

The root problem, companies buy an ERP based solely on how good the sales pitch went, or even worst, by the recommendations from peers that say their business is generating 8 figures each minute by just having (name your ERP) running. (i hope no one is actually throwing that piece of prose around)

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As I’ve been considering to start a blog for the last 5 years or something (my god am i lazy…), my life has gotten kind of messy.

I no longer know if I’ll finally finish college (with currently two years above the expected time), my career development has me deciding  if I’ll get a professional step-up with some offers I’ve been getting or if I’ll try to grow at my current job, or how much anime I’m going to watch on this season (this is the question that hurts the most…).

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